Red Kapuas Kratom – Effects, Dosages, and Benefits.


Red Kapuas Kratom – The Kapuas river originates from the Borneo Islands of the Indonesian region.

The Kratom plants which are cultivated in this region is called as Kapuas Hulu.

Hulu is another name of the Kapuas river.

It’s one of the most popular strains of Kratom which has similar benefits of Red Maeng da, but less potent than red Maeng da. It is a newcomer in the Kratom industry, but with good hype!

Red Kapuas Kratom has strong painkilling effects, boosts your mood, provides relaxation and has a strong aroma. Let’s see its effects, benefits, dosages.

Red Kapuas

As I said earlier, the red kapuas kratom is cultivated at the river banks of the Kapuas river of Borneo Islands. Hence it got the name red Kapuas kratom or red Hulu kratom.

The tropical climate of Indonesia is the perfect place for the kratom plants to grow with good alkaline properties.

The leaves are large as usual. The leaves of red Kapuas are more or less similar to the red Maeng da strains.

This riverbank of Hulu is almost an isolated area. Also, access to this region is restricted. So only a few people can cultivate the red Kapuas kratom plants. Hence not all vendors sell this kratom strain.

Red Hulu (Kapuas) Kratom Effects

Here I have listed the effects of Red Kapuas kratom.

  1. Pain Killing

Red Kapuas Kratom is loaded with the painkilling alkaloid 7-hydroxmitragynine.  Hence with one dosage, you will be free from all kinds of chronic pain.

Most people use this Red Kapuas kratom strain to get relief from Scoliosis, Back pain, headaches, Joint and knee pains, and other body pains. But the painkilling property is not as strong as Red Maeng Da or Red Thai strains.

  1. Euphoria or Happiness

Red Kapuas produces strong effects on Euphoria. Yes, it stimulates the dopamine receptors in your brain, which in turn boosts your mind.

Since Red Kapuas kratom is not very sedative like Red Bali, you can use these strains to get Euphoria.

  1. Mood-Lifting

Most of the red vein kratom strains are good for mood enhancement. The red Kapuas kratom strains are medium sedating and thereby provide high energy like green kratom.

  1. Fights Depression

The energizing and euphoric effects of red Kapuas improves the overall mood, which can be helpful against depression.

How to Take Red Kapuas Kratom?

The best way to take red Kapuas kratom is as follows.

  • The most common way of taking any kratom is in its powdered form. You can buy Red Kapuas kratom powder at the most trusted kratom vendors.
  • To avoid the bitter taste of the potent red Kapuas kratom, make herbal tea from the leaves of kratom and drink it. You can also use the Red Kapuas kratom to make kratom tea.
  • The another most popular method to consume the kratom is the capsules. If you are not able to measure the powdered kratom at correct dosage levels, go for kratom capsules.
  • Mix red kapuas kratom powder with foods or beverages like milkshakes, juices, smoothies, ice-cream, etc.
  • Making Kratom resin or tincture from the Red Kapuas leaves are also a common way to consume it.

Red Hulu Kratom Dosage

Like other red kratom strains, you must take care of the dosage. Since the Red Kapuas is one of the most potent strains of kratom, you must not take it above the recommended dosage.

The dosage of kratom varies from person to person. It mainly depends on the metabolism or the tolerance level of a person. So, start with a low kratom dosage.

Here I have listed the kratom dosage guide of the Red Kapuas Kratom.

  • Light dosage: 2 to 4 grams. (Mood-boosting, and sleeping effects)
  • Medium dosage: 4 to 6 grams. (Balance between sedation and painkilling effects.)
  • High dosage: 6 to 8 grams (Euphoria, Relaxation, Pain Killing).
  • Consuming more than 8 grams of Red Hulu Kratom would be risky. You may get the possible side effects.


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